Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OSLC Specification Update (OASIS TCs, open-services.net WGs), 3rd Quarter 2014 report

I regularly give an overall specification, Technical Committee and Working Group update for the OSLC Steering Committee.  I thought it would be useful to share it more broadly as well.  Intended to be a brief high-level update, perhaps quarterly. (if I missed anything or misspoke, let me know I'll get it fixed up)


OASIS OSLC Change and Configuration Management TC

  • Participation from IBM, PTC, Mentor Graphics, Boeing
  • Various updates to Configuration specification based on review feedback
  • Splitting out Change Management 3.0 spec into separate capabilities: States, Severity/Priority, Resource types, Attachments (to core)

OASIS OSLC Automation TC

  • Participation from IBM, Mentor Graphics
  • Contribution and review of scenarios for such things as: Automation in Systems Engineering and Model transformation


  • Participation from Fujitsu, NEC, IBM, Nanzan University
  • Refinement of overall model.  Working to define how best to leverage Estimation and Measurement work, specifically around usage in ScopeItem and measurement units (see minutes).
  • An initial draft of the vocabulary and shapes has been created.


  • Updates to Tracked Resource Set 2.0 and Indexable Linked Data Provider guidance to align with changes made in: LDP, LDP-Paging and LD-Patch

OSLC Automation WG

  • Closing down work on Automation 2.1 and Actions, incorporating review feedback and preparing to transfer to OASIS TC