Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OSLC Change Management 2.0 Specification is now Final!

Looking back, I see that I blogged on June 19, 2009 that the CM 1.0 Specification has reached finalization.  A lot of good hard work has occurred between now and then.  There has been a strong focus on alignment across the various domains and applying what has been done and learned in 1.0 specification to define what is now know was OSLC Change Management 2.0 Specification.

First I want to say thanks to the many contributors of the 2.0 CM specification, obviously without their dedication and work to this effort I would not be able to announce it today.  Contribution comes in many forms: scenario development, feedback, specification writing, contributions to specification text, implementation feedback, spec issue tracking and on and on.

So, what's new about CM 2.0?  I will only summarize some of the key items and will provide a more detailed writeup later.

  • Alignment - now all domain specification are based off the same OSLC Core specification.  Most of these areas have enhancements over CM 1.0.
    This covers areas such as:
    • Service discovery
    • RESTful resource interactions
    • Simple query syntax
    • UI Delegation
    • Resource formats
  • UI Preview - the ability for getting a minimal rendering of a resource that can be displayed as a tooltip or hover.
  • Expanded ChangeRequest resource definition - many new properties defined, supporting new scenarios as well as commonly used across most CM providers
  • Resource Shapes -For creation, for query and for update.
  • Depreciation of resource-specific content types - focus more on leveraging standard content types

I look forward to more CM 2.0 implementation reports and what lies next for CM domain.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

OSLC Open Source Proposal

Some OSLC community members are drafting a proposal for a companion open source project in support of the OSLC specification efforts occurring at http://open-services.net

The OSLC Open Source Project is planned to be hosted at SourceForge.net and possibly include:
  • test suites for testing OSLC service provider implementations  *** initial contribution planned by IBM
  • reference implementations of OSLC core and domain services for use in testing OSLC clients *** contribution planned by IBM
  • sample code and applications *** contribution planned by IBM
  • tools, models, pictures, etc. used in the specification process
  • specification artifacts that need to be under version control (e.g. namespace documents)
The proposal and project are going to defined and maintained by a core set of committers as defined in the proposal.

This project will look to align with other appropriate open source projects such as Eclipse, Apache, etc  if and when needed. The focus of this OSLC open source project is narrowly on specification and implementation validation.

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