Thursday, October 22, 2009

OSLC in the wild

Figured I'd take a moment to highlight some recent public references and press around OSLC involvement (thanks to Scott Bosworth, I "borrowed" most of this material from him)

White paper (The Case for Open Services), John Wiegand

Podcast (OSLC Bears First Fruits), Steve Abrams, Carl Zetie, along with Mik Kersten

Presentation: (ALM Integration in a Web 2.0 World), Steve Abrams

Presentation: (Restful Work Items: Opening up Collaborative ALM), Steve Speicher with Mik Kersten

Blog (Let's Try Something Different), Carl Zetie

eBook (Scaling Agile with C/ALM), Carolyn Pampino, Erich Gamma, John Wiegand

Website (, Scott Bosworth blog (OSLC and Rational Team Concert), Patrick Streule article (How to consume the Rational Team Concert change management services), Martin Aeschlimann

IDC, Melinda Ballou (IBM Implements Open ALM Spec), John Wiegand, Scott Bosworth

Release (IBM, OSLC Promote Interoperability Across the Software Lifecycle), Scott Bosworth, Robyn Gold, Martin Nally, Mik Kersten, Mary Rose Greenough

Application Development Trends, John Waters (IBM Implements Open ALM Spec), Scott Bosworth

Information Week, Charles Babcock (IBM Sharpens Rational Tools), Scott Bosworth

InfoWorld, Paul Krill (IBM Hails ALM Standards Participation), Scott Bosworth, Steve Abrams

Software Development Times, David Rubenstein (IBM Suppor ts Open CM Initiative in Tools), Scott Bosworth, Steve Abrams, Alex Goldman (IBM Rational supports Open Services with new software), Scott Bosworth, Martin Nally, Mik Kersten

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