Monday, November 14, 2011

EclipseCon Europe Trip Report and EclipseDemo Camp Raleigh

I attended EclipseCon Europe Nov 2-4 in Ludwigsburg, Germany. I was on the agenda to do a 90 minute workshop on using Eclipse Lyo to enable OSLC integrations. I had a small be interested group of attendees and was good to see people already had a familiarity with OSLC (and Lyo for that matter). They were looking to see how better to apply OSLC to some specific tools and scenarios. Good to see real usage. Also good to hear that one of the attendees had plans to leverage Lyo in early 2012 as part of an offering they had.

I attended a number of interesting talks on some lessons learned and best practices for managing contributions at Eclipse. Something that has been of immediate interest as we get Lyo operational and efficient. These talks were often led or facilitated by Eclipse Mylyn committers and it was good to see they referenced OSLC in their description of Mylyn.

I also was able to see the great working going on in Eclipse Orion and see that OSLC is on their roadmap as well. Think there are some great ways that Orion can benefit from OSLC-based integrations and I'll be digging into that as well.

Enjoyed the various 10 year talks and events as well. Including keynote by former IBM-exec John Swainson as he reflected on the business decision to open source and create Eclipse. Also the look back at Eclipse's 10 year in action by John Kellerman and Kim Moir, including a nice photo album collected over the years at the IBM booth.

In conferences like this, it was great to finally put a face with a name, make some new connections and have some good one-on-one discussions. These things are often hard to do remotely.

Immediately when I returned, I co-presented Eclipse Lyo with Michael Fiedler (fellow IBM'r and Lyo committer) at Eclipse DemoCamp Raleigh. It was a packed room and a good time.

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  1. Too bad I couldn't make it to germany... would have been interested to get involved more physically.