Monday, June 11, 2012

Innovate 2012: OSLC growing strong

This is my 4th IBM Rational conference where I've been a part of OSLC.  OSLC initiative was first announced at Rational Software Developer's Conference 2008 and after that I started working on OSLC specifications and implementations.  I co-presented then in 2009 with Mik Kersten of Tasktop Technologies, where we demonstrated OSLC in action.

Things have come a long way.  At Innovate 2011, there are a good number of OSLC sessions including a first even Jazz Interoperability Center powered by OSLC and other open specifications. I arrived early to help setup the renamed Integration Center which doubled in size from the previous year.  Thanks to the hard work of many, it was well organized and things went very smoothly.

I was able to meet with a number of customers who are very interested and excited about integrations using OSLC.  I was also able to attend a number of sessions where customers, partners and IBMers presented their findings, experiences and vision for integrations.  It was very rewarding to see so much OSLC content, there were about 40 sessions with OSLC content.

I ran a packed OSLC Workshop with Eclipse Lyo Project co-lead Michael Fiedler.  I get the feeling we'll be repurposing the workshop and running it many times over the year, perhaps even make it for a 3rd year in 2013?  I also co-presented with Angel Diaz, IBM VP Software Standards on "W3C Linked Data and OSLC".

It was also great to be part of the inaugural OSLC Steering Committee face to face meeting held in Orlando the day before Innovate kicked off.

There were many great conversations and events there in Orlando, the ability to put faces with names and have in person conversations is extremely valuable.  There is also a nice summary on OSLC website regarding OSLC activities at Innovate.

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