Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trip Report from JavaOne 2012

Trip Report: JavaOne 2012 October 1-4, San Francisco 

I attended my first JavaOne conference, where I presented and attended a number of sessions and events.

Leveraging W3C Linked Data for Loosely Coupled Application Integrations

Tuesday Oct 2, 8:30
Track: Enterprise Service Architectures and the Cloud

There were about 90 people who preregistered for the session (see attachment) but seemed like there was a bit less than that at the actual session (50). Since they don’t serve the free coffee until after the 8:30 sessions, I felt like the attendees seemed very engaged by their responses and didn’t see anyone sleeping. The best was at the end where I had about 10 people approach me. Someone stated he was from a major news media company who asked how they could get involved in W3C Linked Data Platform (LDP) work and I highlighted some work at BBC that he might be interested in as well. Also a development manager from automative sector, asked how they could get involved as he was very interested in requirements traceability. Good news was that I could connect him with what other efforts in automative that were already occurring. There were a few others from healthcare and life sciences sector that said they were interested as well, handing out my card to a number of folks.

Linking the Java Application Lifecycle with Hudson

Wednesday Oct 3 4:30
Track: Development Tools

I was not on the original agenda to speak here but Mik Kersten CEO of Tasktop asked that I join him to explain Linked Data and OSLC, and give an overview of current activities. This session was also co-presented by Gregory Stachnick, Oracle Senior Director, Product Management. Greg is responsible for Oracle’s Eclipse-based tools strategy. Good overall flow considering some late changes, story around linking the lifecycle and need for standard integrations was good.

Some other activities:

Tuesday night Eclipse community meetup, good to talk with some Eclipse community members and talk about Lyo futures.
A number of sessions on JAX-RS, REST, WebSockets, Cloud, NoSQL, Hudson, CI, e4, ...
It was interesting to see the overall interest in REST, WebSockets, NoSQL and big data.

Overall very useful trip, look forward to trying to get back in 2013.

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