Friday, June 19, 2009

Change Management 1.0 specs complete - thanks team

On May 28, 2009 the OSLC CM Working Group completed the 1.0 round of specifications. I wanted to just quickly recognize the great work that was done by this team and their extended teams.

First off from IBM, Steve Abrams (Rational CTO Team, OSLC Lead Architect), Andre Weinand (Jazz WorkItem Component Lead) and I spent many hours together per week hashing out technical challenges and coming up with solutions that fit within the spirit of the loosley coupled approach to interoperability and the 1.0 specs. Also Scott Bosworth (Rational CTO Team) provided help in any way to ensure the group was successful. There are many others that supported us in this effort: Samit Mehta, Joe Toomey, ....

From Tasktop, Mik Kersten (Founder, CTO) and Robert Elves provided great feedback and background based on their experiences with many change management systems and vairous API implementations. They also provided direct feedback as an implementer (consumer) of the specs.

Lastly from Accenture, Randy Vogel and Gary Dang who provided great input and feedback from their experiences providing enterprise class integrated tools solutions.

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