Monday, June 22, 2009

A short pause, now on to 2.0

After recently finalizing the OSLC CM 1.0 specifications, a call for participation is out for the next wave of CM specifications (calling CM 2.0). We hope to have this group fired up soon and specifications nailed down by the end of 2009. If you are interested in contributing to the working group, please let me know.

Again, the specifications will be driven by the working group's determination of scope based on supported scenarios. Some work has already gone into key aspects of scenarios needed to support integrations with applications like Mylyn. These scenarios appear to raise the need for schema information in order to drive Mylyn's task editor and off-line support. Ease of adding attachments also comes out of these scenarios.

Some other areas that we'd like to tackle are (in no order, details will come later):
  • alignment with other standards
  • Better handling of differing authenication models
  • saved/pre-defined queries
  • various presentation modes: dialog vs full window
Hopefully we'll be able to accomplish these but again it depends on the priorities as defined by the members of the WG.

Some things that would most definitely fall outside the scope of the 2.0 work would be things like communicating state model and dependencies, standard link types, to name a couple.

Time to make it happen.


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